Tubular metal fences are a great option for a home, offering a number of practical and aesthetic benefits. Here are several reasons to install one of these structures on your property.

Durable and Low Maintenance

These fences are made from durable metals like steel and aluminium that will last for many years in the outdoors. Some designs use galvanised bars and rails with a zinc coating for protection. Additionally, the fences are often powder coated, which melds a shielding paint layer to the metal.

Tubular metal fences are also low-maintenance. Unlike timber fences, these metal barriers don't need regular refinishing because powder-coated paint doesn't chip as easily as standard paint on timber does. You'll save on maintenance costs without having to paint every few years.

Style Variety

Another benefit of tubular metal fences is that they offer style choices ranging from minimalist to elaborate. This allows you to match the structure to your home. If you want a straightforward, modern look, you could choose a flat-top fence. This design consists of vertical railings with a horizontal bar at the top and bottom. For a slightly more decorative wall, you could select a loop-top style with the vertical railings bent to form a row of loops at the fence top.

Another possibility is a ring fence. These look similar to flat-top designs, except they have two horizontal rails at the top, filled with a metal circle. Alternatively, you could choose a spearhead tubular fence, with the tip of each vertical bar carved into a spear shape. Some of these design features are combined into one structure. A fence supplier will have other variations as well for you to consider.

As well as being available in assorted styles, tubular fences come in different colours. Unlike many other barriers, tubular metal fences are generally one colour. They don't have different coloured rails and posts, for example. To coordinate the fence with your home, you can echo another shade on the facade, such as on the siding, trim, or front door.


Tubular metal fences are also beneficial in terms of the security they provide. You can build them at different heights, choosing a taller fence for added security. These structures also provide options for lockable gates in styles to match the fence. 

The visibility offered by these barriers can also enhance security, as they don't provide a hiding place for trespassers. If you want to contain pets in your front yard, ensure the rails are close enough not to leave gaps they could escape through.

Contact a fence supplier to learn more about tubular fences.