The good thing about wire fences is that they can be used in commercial and residential properties. It also helps that they are cheap and suitable for most, if not all, fencing needs. So, what are the most common types of wire fences, and what should you know about them?

Types Of Wire Fences

Based on appearance or design, you may come across three common types of wire fences:

Woven wire fences

These might be the most common type of wire fence because they are cheap, durable and efficient. They comprise wires woven to form a square or diamond shape and may be referred to as chain-link fences.

Barbed wire fences

These are wires with clusters of sharp spikes arranged at short, equal intervals. They can be run horizontally along posts placed at intervals or used as a supplement to woven wire fences for additional security.

Welded wire fences

These comprise wires that have been welded together. They are mostly used commercially but can also be used for residential fencing needs if considered more suitable than their counterparts.

The Material Composition Of Wire Fences

The majority of wire fences are made from steel. However, if you choose steel, it's important to consider stainless steel wire fences because they're more durable. Stainless steel is resistant to damage caused by weather or even chemical substances such as salt.

You may also come across aluminium wire fences that are more pricey and lighter than steel. However, they are very durable, especially in terms of damage from corrosion. Additionally, aluminium fences have minimal maintenance requirements, meaning less work.

It's not hard choosing between these materials. You just need to note down your fence needs and check which fence meets them. If you, for some reason, find it hard to choose a fence material over another, worry not; a fence contractor is always ready to offer professional assistance.

Combining Different Types Of Wire Fences

It's not uncommon to find people combining different types of wire fences, primarily for additional security or other fence-specific advantages, such as beauty and saving your hard-earned money. If this is something you might want to do, note that the wire fences commonly combined are chain-link (woven) and barbed wire. This is primarily for security, where you may even introduce an electric current to the fence. However, it's always wise to seek the help of a wire fence contractor before making decisions. Multiple factors need to be considered, some of which you might not know from lack of experience.

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