Upgrading the front fence will uplift the entire facade of your home and give it a fresh look. Plus, you can alter the privacy and visibility of your front garden with your design choices. While you'll have a range of different materials and styles, an excellent option is an aluminium slat fence. Here are several advantages.

1. Privacy

Low front fences create an open view of your home. But a disadvantage of this is that you can't freely use the front garden for entertainment and relaxing as privacy is virtually non-existent. With a taller aluminium slat barrier, however, you can reclaim that space, adding a front terrace area or placing children playground equipment. The structure of these fences, their spaced-out horizontal plank design, visually soften the barrier and prevent it from feeling massive and overwhelming. 

2. Control the View

You can control the view by adjusting the slat width and spacing. Thus you can fit wide planks close-up with little gaps, blocking the view, or position narrow slats widely apart for a more open structure. In this way, you can control the way your front yard opens to the street.

3. Design Options

The slats are available in different colours such as black, grey, brown and green, allowing you to harmonise them with your home's architecture. Plus, you can combine the slats with other materials to form exciting designs. For instance, build a fence with tall stone pillars at intervals, and then affix bridging slats in between. The horizontal emphasis of the slats will contrast with the vertical stress of the tall pillars. Such horizontal-vertical patterns create lively and visually appealing arrangements.

4. Durable 

Naturally resistant to corrosion, aluminium is exceptionally durable and long-lasting so that your barrier will require little upkeep. This metal is particularly apt for coastal regions, withstanding harsh salty sea breezes that destroy other materials. Plus, the fence won't need resealing as timber does, nor will the slats rot or warp in damp conditions. Over time, if your barrier collects dirt and grime, simply wash it down with a garden hose to give it a fresh appearance. 

Thus, with this kind of fence installation, you can customise the design to balance privacy and visibility by altering the slat width and spacing. You can choose between colours and combine materials for exciting styles. Plus, you'll not have to spend precious leisure time on tedious maintenance tasks, but can relax and enjoy your newly reclaimed front yard. Contact fence installation companies to learn more.