Automatic gates are a great way to control who comes in and goes out of your property. Learn more below.


An automatic gate has many benefits; some of them include: 

  • Security – You do not have to leave the safety of your car or house when opening or closing an automatic gate, meaning you won't have to come face to face with an intruder.
  • Weather Protection – Just as mentioned above, since you don't have to leave your house or car, you won't be exposed to harsh weather like rain, harmful UV rays, extremely cold temperatures, etc.
  • Convenience – The ability to open your gate by the touch of a remote button or using sensors means you won't have to walk to the gate to manually open it. 

If you are planning on installing an automatic gate, you should know the things that you are supposed to consider.

Material Composition

The two main materials you may come across are aluminium and stainless steel. When comparing between these two materials, various things are considered:

  • Durability – Your gate needs to serve you for the longest time possible. Factors like weather and artificial elements have to be considered when choosing the material for your automatic gate. You need a material that is strong, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, chemical-resistant, etc. 
  • Your Needs – Why are you putting up an automatic gate? Is it because of security or convenience? Is your locality safe or are there cases of intruders? This helps you know whether to put up a highly impact-resistant gate or a lighter gate. Stainless steel gates are stronger and can withstand higher impacts than aluminium gates. 
  • Low Maintenance – You want a material that is low maintenance; that is why stainless steel and aluminium gates are popular. They require little to no maintenance. All you have to do is clean them when they are dirty and repaint them if they start losing their colour. 

Design and Cost

The design of your automatic gate is closely related to its cost. The more complex the design is, the more expensive an automatic gate is. Try and choose a good design that fits into your budget.

Never compromise security features for cost; what does this mean? If you find that a lighter gate is cheaper than a heavier gate and your locality is prone to burglars, buy the heavier, expensive one. You don't want to risk your life or property because you didn't want to spend the money.