While balustrades are a safety requirement for staircases, it does not mean that they have to be eyesores. Installing glass balustrades brings you several advantages, which explains why they are a popular option with homeowners. This article outlines the main benefits that glass balustrades bring to your home's staircase. 

Improved Indoor Illumination

Glass balustrades utilise available natural lighting in your home in an effective manner. The installed glass lets light flow freely through your home's interior and onto your stairs. Since homeowners are increasingly adopting the concept of the open space, balustrades in glass are a favourite. If you have a solid balustrade around your staircase, this will impede the open concept flow as well as natural light. Glass helps create the illusion of a well-lit space. If you have paintings or photographs hanging along the staircase, glass ensures you do not lose the beauty of your gallery due to poor lighting.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Glass is a recyclable material and is chemically inert. The material becomes active only on exposure to extreme temperatures typically found around volcanoes. Unlike other materials, glass balustrades do not emit harmful substances even after years. Furthermore, the fittings and postings that hold glass panels in place are from powder-coated aluminium or stainless steel, and they are both safe for the environment.

Decor Makeover

A significant benefit of installing glass balustrades is the ability to inject unique beauty into any building's interior decor. The glass brings sophistication and elegance to your staircase. Since glass reflects light, you can be sure that you are adding charm to your otherwise ordinary-looking stairs. These balustrades are especially useful if you intend to sell your home for profit during resale. This beautification project will be a vital positive to many potential buyers.

Limitless Design Possibilities

Glass balustrades are available in numerous design options, so you can rest assured you will find a look and feel that works for your home. Some options available in the market include balustrades with frames and without frames. Additional options are infill and mini-post, each featuring a unique look.

The functional and visual benefits of installing glass balustrades make them an excellent choice for home use. While initial costs are high, these balustrades last for generations. If anything, they will have your home looking like new, bringing in a touch of splendour that will last for decades. If you are planning for a whole home remodel, consider using glass balustrades for your staircase.