Solid walls are a popular choice of fencing for industrial properties, owing to the numerous benefits they can deliver. These industrial fencing options come in a variety of materials, including precast concrete, natural stone, brick, block and more. 

Do you want to learn about the various reasons to consider installing solid walls around your industrial property? Keep reading on below.


Industrial fences need to be build strong and steady so they can provide the high level of security that industrial properties require. When properly built, solid walls are almost impenetrable. In addition, they can be build tall so they're difficult to climb over. 


Fence walls are a great choice for industrial applications where total privacy is desired. If built tall enough, their solid design makes it impossible for an outsider to see what's happening inside your property. 


For industrial facilities located in noisy environments, minimising outdoor noise may be a key priority. Solid walls act as great buffer to outdoor noise. They can block a significant amount of noise from disrupting activities at your industrial facility.

Fire Resistance

For industrial fencing applications where the risk of fire accidents is high, solid walls can help to resist fire damage. Unlike fencing materials like wood and vinyl, solid walls won't be burnt down. This quality can contribute to a reduction in premiums paid for property insurance. 


Solid wall fencing is also a popular choice for industrial applications where aesthetic appeal matters. Aside from coming in a range of materials, these fences are available in a wide selection colours, patterns and finishes to suit the outdoor appearance you desire. 


All types of fences require some kind of maintenance to remain intact and keep looking nice. For the most part, solid walls don't require a lot of maintenance. But you'll need to ensure that you choose the right material for your fence installation. 

In wet areas, for example, natural stone fences would be a better pick over brick or concrete walls because the former offers superior water resistance.

Cost Efficiency

One of the top factors to consider when choosing an industrial fence is the cost of installation. Solid walls last long and require minimal maintenance. These attributes make them an economical choice over the long term. 

If you're looking for industrial fencing that'll deliver a great return on investment, solid walls fences are definitely the go-to option. They're a practical, aesthetic and cost-efficient option for your property. Contact a local industrial fence contractor to get your quote today!