Pool fencing is an absolute must when you own a pool, with every state in Australia setting out a list of legal guidelines regarding their installation. Covering everything from height to gates and gaps from the ground, pool fences are meant to enhance safety especially when you have small children living at home. But the pool fence needs to remain structurally sound to be effective. Here are some strategies to maintain the reliability of your pool fencing over time.

Inspect Your Pool Fencing Structure Regularly

Inspection is key when it comes to pool fences because it could loosen up from the ground or get faulty for a number of reasons like weather conditions, ground conditions, soil conditions, tampering and much more. Any movement in the ground or soil can weaken the structure, while torrential rains can cause it to rot over time. Someone tampering with the fence could cause it to become faulty. All of these issues will affect the reliability and safety of your fence which is why you should inspect it regularly and take appropriate maintenance action if you notice anything wrong.

Check Posts For Proper Fittings, Corrosion And Rust

The posts of the pool fence should always be fixed properly to maintain the safety of the overall structure. This means that the right fittings need to be used and tightened regularly to maintain the fence's sturdiness. Neglected posts can get corroded and will rust over time because of weather conditions. You will need to clean these fence posts regularly to minimise the chance of rust and corrosion eating away at the integrity of the structure. If you notice posts that are too rusted or corroded, you may need to get them replaced.

Pay Close Attention To The Self-Close Mechanism

By law in most Australian states, the gates of the pool fence must have a self-closing mechanism where they shut and latch on their own. This is a good way to prevent children from running into the pool area unsupervised because someone forgot to shut the gate. But this self-closing mechanism can wear out over a period of time and may not operate as it should. If this happens, you may need to adjust the spring on the hinges or you may need to replace the latch completely to keep children safe from the pool if you're not around.

Pool fencing can save your child's life so don't take it for granted. Make sure it remains reliable over time as when you first installed it.