Metal fences are always a good choice for any property, as they often look regal and rich, or they can be scaled down to be more unobtrusive and simple. Metal is very durable and difficult for someone to cut or otherwise vandalize, so these fences also add lots of security to your property, and should last for many years, if not decades, before they need replacing. If you're thinking of getting a cast iron fence, or any type of metal fence, for your property, note a few questions you might have about this choice, so you can determine if it's right for your home.

Why is aluminium more affordable than iron or steel?

Aluminium is often much more affordable than iron or steel because it's easier to fabricate. Aluminium can be twisted and bent into various pieces and designs more easily than thicker and stronger metals, so these pieces can often be produced more readily than those made with other metals. Aluminium pieces may also be connected with simple metal screws, whereas steel and iron pieces may need to be welded together, so they stay strong and secure. This welding process requires more manual labour and more specialty tools and equipment.

All of this makes aluminium cheaper, although you might note that, because the material may be easier to bend than other metals, it may not be the best option for keeping out intruders. Vandals may be able to more readily cut or bend aluminium bars or panels than iron or steel, so balance your need for security versus your budget when choosing your metal fence.

Can a metal fence be attached to a wood surface?

A metal fence or railing can be attached to a wood surface, but it will usually require plates to keep it secure and solid. Because wood tends to shrink and expand over the years, you may also need to check the fence and its plates consistently, to ensure the bolts or screws have not come loose, and the plate has not shifted out of place.

Will a metal fence rust?

Aluminium, by its nature, does not rust. While other metals may rust over the years, a high-quality fence should be covered with an enamel that keeps out the moisture that causes rust to form. You can ask your fence installer about the enamel or powder coating they apply over the fence and how long it should last, and when you might expect to see corrosion appear on your metal fence.