If you want a trailer that works as a booth which you can take to Renaissance and Medieval events, outdoor concerts and other events, there are several features you should consider. The following list is focused on people who want to convert a trailer into a booth to sell goods ranging from handmade toys, to clothing, to jewelry, rather than food. Here are some features you may want to consider:

1. Awning

When you are doing outdoor events, the sun can get hot for you and your customers. To provide a bit of relief from the sun, consider integrating a custom awning onto your trailer. Awnings can be over windows which you serve customers through. Alternatively, awnings can cover the full area in front of the trailer -- you can buy a retractable awning that attaches to the side of your trailer or have the awning integrated into the trailer's design.

2. Stage

If you want to bring your inventory out of the trailer and display it where customers can see it, you may want a stage. One of the easiest and most efficient designs is to have a stage that drops out of one side of your trailer. Essentially, the stage is made of the trailer walls, and when you park the trailer, you pull down the wall, creating the stage.

In some cases, you can integrate an awning and a stage into one side of your trailer. Both lie flat against the trailer like a large door when the trailer is moving down the road, but when you park, you pull the awning (hinged at the top) upward and the stage(hinged at the bottom) downward.

3. Window Countertop

If a stage is too unwieldy for you, consider a window countertop. You display your inventory in the trailer behind you, and your customers look through the window of your trailer to decide what they want. The countertop acts as a useful spot to place money or the product as you complete the transaction. It can also be used to display small items that you wish to sell.

4. Multiple Open Sides

Instead of just having one side that opens, consider investing in a custom trailer where all of the sides can come down. That creases an open display, and it makes it possible for customers to walk into the trailer, making it more like a retail store.

For more ideas on how to customise a trailer so that you can use it as a mobile shop, contact a trailer specialist for ideas.