There are different types of pool fencing that you can choose from, but none are quite as popular and aesthetically appealing as glass. Glass fencing for your pool is designed to create a protective barrier, but still allow you a clear view that allows for increased levels of safety. The ability to have increased visibility with this fencing type is one of the main selling points. However, over time some types of glass fencing can become distorted due to the buildup of grime, dirt and other substances. This means that owners of glass pool fencing need to be aware of how to keep this fencing type clean.

Porous Texture

Glass is naturally porous, which means that it has the ability to absorb whatever it is exposed to. This can include many contaminants when you are dealing with glass fencing that is installed outdoors. This means that over time the contaminants that seep into the porous texture of the pool will cause discoloration, etching and even lead to deterioration of the glass. In order to prevent against this type of damage occurring to your glass pool fencing, it is important to consider a coating designed specifically for glass that will allow for optimal levels of protection.

Non-Stick Design

There are numerous non-stick coatings that you can choose from that are designed for use on glass fencing. This type of coating that can be applied directly to the glass is designed to be permanent. The coating will help to fight against glass corrosion and grime buildup. Glass that is not treated can be difficult to clean effectively, because the dirt and grime can penetrate deep. However, a non-stick coating will create a barrier that keeps contaminants from causing any damage or lessening visibility.

Reduces Cleaning Time

The main benefit of applying a coating to your glass is the ability to keep your fencing clean with much less of an effort. You will no longer have to scrub and power wash your glass fencing regularly. In order to clean glass fencing that has been covered by a non-stick coating, you simply need to use a micro fiber cloth from time to time to wipe it clean. Most coatings that you can apply to your glass fencing only need to be applied one time and are specifically designed to endure long-term exposure to UV rays without wearing. A transparent coating is the ideal way to protect your glass fencing from premature damage due to contaminants.