If you have installed a brand new pool and are ready to enjoy all the pleasures that come with having your own private body of water. But before you can take the plunge, Council regulations require you to build a fence. And while wood and vinyl fences are popular pool fencing choices, installing a glass fence may offer you advantages over these traditional selections. Here are some of the benefits that a glass pool fence can offer you.

Visual Appeal -- When you install a glass fence for your pool, you enhance the visual appeal of your backyard because glass fences are sleek, elegant and have a post-modern vibe because they are a less common choice for pool fencing. And because glass pool fences are available in frameless or semi-frameless, you can choose a style that fits your design aesthetic. Frameless glass pool fences are bolted directly to the ground and have no tracks, so they are considered an 'invisible' type of fencing since there are no visual obstructions. Semi-frameless glass fences feature tracks at the bottom, so they aren't quite as clean-looking as frameless glass, but they are sturdier and less expensive than frameless fences.

Simple Maintenance -- Unlike wood pool fences that require a lot of upkeep, glass pool fences are easy to maintain. You will have to wipe down the glass every few weeks and hose it off with water, and you will need to check to make sure there are no cracks, chips or bubbles in the glass. Glass fences have a coating that makes them resistant to salt and salt deposits, which can eat away at the glass. Unlike wood fencing, glass fences aren't susceptible to termites and other insects, and they don't fade, yellow or expand. And unlike steel fences that can rust, glass fences maintain their inherent structure for a long time.

Enhanced Safety -- Glass fences can also make your family's pool experience safer because you can see right through the fence if you happen to be sitting by the side of the pool, or if you are indoors with a direct view of the pool. Wood and vinyl fences don't offer you the same level of visibility, and even one second can make the difference between someone drowning or someone being rescued. Glass fences are also safer than wood or vinyl fences because they have fewer parts on which kids can climb to get over the fence. This is especially true with a frameless glass fence that has none of the standard fence components that children can use as a foothold.

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