Pool fencing can be environmentally friendly. Harsh chemically treated materials or materials that come from manufacturing plants that have a huge carbon footprint (aluminum) are not the only choices.

There are fencing choices that are geared toward promoting good Eco practices. It is very possible to choose Eco-friendly materials and get the same results that you would get from using traditional less then Eco-friendly materials.  A lot of people are concerned about their effect on the environment and have a different perspective now when it comes to choosing materials that are safer environmental choices.

Since 2010 all states and territories within Australia have been revamping their rules when it comes to pool fencing. They all differ slightly but most have adopted rules to decrease the number of drowning accidents. With that being said it is always best to check with the regulatory body for a specific state or territory to ensure proper compliance as far as height and gating.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing has been a long time favorite and still remains so. It is a customary material for fencing because it is easy to work with.  Wood pool fencing has various advantages:

  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Durable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Timeless
  • Offers Privacy

Wood fencing offers a full range of possibilities and can be an environmentally-friendly material. If the wood is sourced from a reclaimed source it offers a much more environmentally friendly option than other pool fencing options. Wood is biodegradable and if left untreated it is completely safe and chemical free.

The only real draw back when it comes to utilizing wood is that in time it will rot if not chemically treated however choices like redwood or cedar can withstand a great deal of the elements without losing its integrity.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is an excellent eco-friendly choice because it is highly sustainable. Bamboo grows very quickly, it is lightweight yet durable and very easy to work with.  Bamboo is an excellent choice because it is also naturally termite resistant.  Bamboo pool fencing offers:

  • A sustainable material that is readily available
  • Offers privacy
  • Is fully adjustable and customizable
  • Fully biodegradable

Bamboo will not rot in the way that wood will but it can easily become discolored after a couple of years.

Salvaged Fencing

 Salvaged pool fencing materials can be a combination of materials that range from brick and stone to aluminum and wood. Reusing materials is an excellent way to offer an eco-friendly and responsible material option for pool fencing.  Bricks, stones, posts and a slew of other fencing materials can usually be found through reclaimed or salvage services.

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