Fences and gates serve many practical purposes in a home. They are used for safety and privacy, to restrict intruders, screen unwanted views, create boundaries and add style to the appearance of your house. Gates enhance security by restricting access to your property from outsiders and preventing wandering out of children and pets. Gates come in a wide variety of styles, material, designs, colours and heights. It is possible that one would want to have a gate the same material as the fence. It is therefore important to decide the type of gate you want when building a fence. The following types of materials are commonly used in making fence gates.


If you have a wooden fence, you can consider having a wooden gate. Wood comes in a wide range of sizes, colours, styles, qualities and prices. You can design your gate in different styles, for example a solid wooden gate for complete privacy or the split-rail style which will allow you to see through it. When buying a custom-made wooden gate or wood for a gate, go for rot-resistant and pressure-treated wood like cypress, redwood or cedar. It should be painted occasionally to lengthen its life. Note that wood is susceptible to splinting and warping and should be regularly maintained.


Vinyl is a popular material for building fences and gates which is 100 percent recyclable. It comes in white, tan and grey colours. The raw materials used in the manufacture of vinyl makes it a suitable choice for a fence gate. With PVC, UV inhibitors and impact modifiers, vinyl gates do not fade, shrink, rust, rot or warp. They are also weather-resistant. This implies that they need little maintenance and practically no repair. All these features make vinyl a suitable material for your fence and gate too.


Metal is the most expensive but long-lasting material for gates. It offers increased security and privacy as compared to wood and vinyl. For large enclosed areas, chain link can be used for the fence and gate as well. Iron is best suited for an ornamental gate design. Aluminium offers strength and durability and can be painted to make it more appealing. To prevent rust and corrosion, a metal gate should be coated with zinc and vinyl.

In order to improve the appearance of your home, the material you choose for the gate should blend in with the fence and design of your home. You can purchase a custom-made gate and have it installed by the fence contractor when installing your fence. For renovations, always have the gate opening measurements taken before you make or order a new gate to make sure it fits perfectly into the set space. Work with a company like Consolidate Fencing And Gate Services to learn more about gate options.